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Expertise, Experience, Efficient and Exceptional (SM)

Over Thirty Years of Client Support!

FinePeter Consulting Inc. can provide strategic planning and solutions for the individual and the large or small company , covering all aspects of system integration, networking design and maintenance, and on-site support. We work with you from the initial purchase to final installation. Our Crash Avoidance Strategies (SM) help create a conservative and safe environment to be productive. We can coordinate with either your own or our outside contractors to take care of most needs including reliable sources to purchase your equipment. We can make specific recommendations for a comprehensive training program and offer imaging expertise and pre press support as well as FileMaker Pro database development.

Our web site reflects our sensibilities which are to try and keep as much as we can simple and direct. We feel it is the best way to communicate the often complex nature of technology consulting.

We have associates in other cities like Chicago and Omaha to name just two who cover some of our clients' offices in those locales. We also work closely with a larger network of other consultants around the country extending coverage nationally as needed yet integrated as desired.

Department Setup and Support - M.I.S./I.T. **

We started in 1987 as a Macintosh computer consulting firm. Since then we have added PC and Windows support which is perfectly suited to the needs of a cross-platform office environment as well as FileMaker Pro Database, Photo Imaging Design and Web Development services.

FinePeter Consulting Inc. can act as an affordable "M.I.S./I.T. Department" for those companies who do not or can not have a full time on-staff presence by providing weekly or monthly "check ups", data back up implementation and technology support monitoring. We have had much success in supplemental coverage to those companies who already have M.I.S./I.T. Departments but lack either the man-power or experience to handle the specific needs of Macintosh or Windows computers. In our capacity as management consultants, we can help you set up your own permanent department if you wish.

While we do not believe in automatic updating the OS or major third party software, since updates can impact you in a negative way (and there is no easy "undo") we can provide you with monthly visits to keep your software current and operating system "cautiously compatible" . We prefer our clients to not be part of the industry guinea pigs who update just because they are released.

Remote Support for Desktops and Servers

We offer REMOTE monitoring (via high speed internet connection or dial up modem) of your Mac OSX Servers as well as Data Back Up monitoring and Retrospect scripting since we are a EMC Dantz Solution Provider. We now offer REMOTE DESKTOP SUPPORT FOR YOUR STAFF ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD via our personalized Mac HelpMate software as long as they have an internet connection. We also offer similar services for Exchange Servers and PC desktop computers as well as older Mac OS9 systems. Click for details about our PC SupportClick for details about Remote Support.

Rates can be hourly, long term or project based depending on situation.

FinePeter Consulting's Computer Services Introduction. In preparing for the first appointment with FinePeter Consulting, we would like to share this information in a PDF document. We are always happy to provide guidance and discussion on any of the points but it should be understood that on-site consulting fees might be wasted unless you, the client, are also prepared for our visit. (HELP in downloading or using Acrobat PDF files - click to bottom of page)


FinePeter Consulting's Contingency and Disaster Recovery Planning. A brief PDF document that asks questions that any company should be thinking about in these times. (HELP in downloading or using Acrobat PDF files - click to bottom of page)

** M.I.S. stands for Management of Information Systems and I.T. is Information Technology. Both these abbreviations generally refer to the departments in companies that handle computer installation, support and standards of use.


MACINTOSH - Crash Avoidance Specialists(SM). Development Outsourcing and Technology Strategies from purchase to installation, networking, extensive knowledge of diagnostics, remote network access systems solutions and familiarity with graphics software and telecommunications. Strong organization and corporate skills. Data back up implementation.

Apple Mac OSX File Server, Apple Remote Desktop, EMC/Dantz Retrospect, FileMaker Pro Database Development (Mac & PC), Now Up-to-Date & Now Contact, Netopia's Timbuktu Pro, AppleShare OS9 Server, Kerio Mail Server, Adobe Acrobat PDF technology and PalmOS, BlackBerry PDAs. High End Imaging and Retouching - Production and Design and PhotoShop Training.

PC/WINDOWS - Cross Platform interconnectivity. Our consultants have expertise with all flavors of Windows: Win7, XP or even older 95, 98, NT or 2000, all with Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange. We support Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Palm OS devices on most platforms and we provide Remote PC Support services including the utilization of LogMein, PC Anywhere, Laplink and WinVNC. Click for more PC Support Details


Support for small to large corporate environments as well as many individual clientele.
Often supervises on-premises staff working together as a cohesive department.

One of our clients has offices in four, far apart cities in the United States. The task was to upgrade all offices to Mac OSX but due to the fact that all offices will use Quark Xpress 6.x, which only runs under OSX, the upgrade timetable had to coordinate in all locales to be using the same version of Quark within a day of each other since Quark does not offer full backward compatibility.

The complexity of the project centered around finding the right time in each office based on their own production schedules along with available time for our consultants in each city and this proved to be a logistics nightmare. However, it was completed on schedule with all office users coming in on a Monday to find their machines upgraded and capable of working on the same version of Quark.

In addition, all desktop users at all locations can now be remotely configured and software upgraded from the main office in New York as well as our own remote capabilities.

A example of a long term project: We took a company, over the course of three years, from six Macs in a single room to a network of one hundred machines. This covered multiple floors on a major corporate backbone network and all were connected to file servers, an email server, an event/contact management server and a remote access system network. We helped formulate operational policies and guided their technology needs for many years.

Clients - References - Click for Details

Many clients are Fortune Magazine listed as well as established long term relationships.
As a matter of fact, more than 85% of our current clients, have been with us for over FIFTEEN years!

Here is a partial listing of some current and past clientele :

Age Group Ltd. - Clothing Manufacturer - since 1998
Barlow-Hartman - Public Relations - PC Support
Brooklyn Museum of Art - Creative Departments in Art Gallery
Triangle-Icon Carpenter Group - Brand Marketing - since 1998
Tag Coral Holdings - Real Estate
Colgate-Palmolive Co.- Product Manufacturer
Triangle-Icon Charles Lauster Architect - since 1998
Dewey and LeBoeuf LLP- Law Firm - 1999 - 2012
Envirosell - Research Firm - since 1999 - Mac and PC Support
Human Worldwide - Mac and PC Support
Tag Jessica Weber Design - Design Firm - since 2009
Lauster & Radu Architects
Lovett Productions, Inc. - Film Editing and Production
Insurance Services Office - Business Firm - since 1998
IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc) - Business Firm
Morgan Stanley - Investment Firm
One Step Up - Clothing Manufacturer - since 1999
OppenheimerFunds, Inc.- Investment Firm - 1997 - 2013
Oxford University Press - Book Publishers
Publishing Group of America/American Profile - NY Office - Magazine Publishers
Roche Laboratories, Inc. - Pharmaceutical Manufacturer - 1998 - 2013 (office closed)
Scott Rudin Productions, Inc. - Film Production - 1998 - 2009
Simmons-Boardman Publishers - Magazine Publishers - since 1998 - Mac and PC Support
West Point Stevens - Fabric Manufacturer
W.H. Freeman & Co. - Book Publishers

Addison-Wesley/Harper Collins Publishers - Consultant/Supervisor, Technical Support Group, 1993 - 1997
FCB HealthCare Advertising - Director of Technology, 1992 - 1996

More Details Provided At Your Request


Published Articles : article interviewee - online:
"Mac Pro Users Clamor for Hardware Upgrade", March 15, 2012

or click here to get as a PDF.


Quark Logo & Link

Subject of a Quark Case Study - Click here to get it as a PDF!


"NYMUG's Question & Answer Forum", MacWorld Expo, NYC, 7/98
"Telecommuting with Your Mac", MacWorld Expos, San Francisco, 1/95 & Boston 8/94
"Online Resources for Computer Arts", ImageWorld Expo, NYC, 9/94


MetroMac's Question & Answer session at all General Meetings, 2001 to present

NYMUG's Question & Answer session at all General Meetings, 1991 thru 2001

National Public Radio/WNYC's "New York and Company" radio show 1995
Manhattan Cable's "ComputerLinks" tv show 1995

Beta Testing:

Apple Computer, EMC/Dantz, Mac HelpMate, MicroMat, NowUptoDate and Contact, Qualcomm, iPhone Apps and others

HELP in Downloading and Using Adobe Acrobat PDF files:

Logo- Get Acrobat Reader <- click on the icon if you don't have the Acrobat Reader application and wish to download the version for your computer which can be a  Mac, Windows, NT, Unix, Sparc, LINUX, AIX or OS/2 or even a PDA.

You can download theses files for use in Adobe Acrobat 5.0 (or newer) PDF format by clicking or option-clicking on the PDF icon or double click (depending on your browser) to view on screen but you must already have the Acrobat Reader and/or a browser plugin installed.

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